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Come see the amazing natural beauty dotted all over Irabujima. This adventurous trip starts from the quintessential Tori-ike dolines, and stops at dynamic and celebrated destinations before reaching a hidden cave where myths of pirate treasure linger.

  • 30.4km
  • 6.5hours


Stay time:30 minutes

Come and see all the amazing natural beauty over Irabujima.

This adventurous trip starts from Tori-ike and stops at different dynamic locations before going to a myths of the hidden cave where pirate had their treasures. Right after leaving the airport, the first destination is Tori-ike. You can see the aerial photo of Tori-ike with two similar-sized round pools. These two pools are connected each other under the water, and the one closer to the ocean is connected to the sea. There are ancient myths about the ponds, like a story of mermaid named Yunaitama.



Stay time:20 minutes

Obiiwa is a rock brought onto land by the great tsunami of 1771, during the Meiwa era.

It was the world heaviest rock reported until 2010. Obiiwa is a place for local beliefs. People come to pray at the sacred rock for a luck when fishing, and safety of marine navigation and families. How strong the tsunami was that brought such a huge rock onto land? The great tsunami of the Meiwa era is written in many books.


03.Yamatobuu Rock

Yamatobuu Rock was the reference point to get to the beach for the people who first settled in Irabujima.

Going towards Sarahama after passing Miyakojima Mamorukun by the Irabu Bridge, you go uphill. And on your left, you will see a pond and a gigantic rock which is about 25 meters tall. This rock was formed by movements of the earth’s crust, shifting and exposing the Tomori limestone formation.


04.Port of Sarahama

Stay time:1hour

After visiting the dynamic locations, have lunch and rest near the Sarahama port.

While you enjoy eating the seafood in Irabujima, you think of the ocean that have been serving people for a long time. Like the ancient Ikema ethnic group, who settled in Irabujima, must enjoyed the seafood. An appreciation for the food from the sea have never changed.

徒歩30 seconds

05.Experience the Blue Cave and the Caves of Mystery

Stay time:3.5 hours

The final destination is a mysterious caves by the sea.

The first visit is the blue cave. Grab a snorkel and enter the dark cave, you will encounter the amazing scenery of blue world. We recommend you to experience the beauty of the nature, something that you cannot feel by just looking at photo. After that, you will visit another two caves. At one of the caves, you will meet the mysterious Buddha that was created by the power of island nature over many years, and the other one is traditionally known to be the home of the Dragon God. This cave is also known as a sacred and spiritual site.

Blue Cave & Mysterious Cave Tour

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Goal.Shimojishima Airport

  • Shimojishima Airport

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