Island Adventures (Ⅱ)

This adventurous trip traces back through the history of the magnificent sights of Miyakojima, an island created from the limestone of the raised coral reefs throughout, and the locals’ lives, bringing travelers to a destined experience inside mysterious caves enshrining the deity Ryugu.

  • 98km
  • 1day

01.Miyakojima City Market

Stay time:20 minutes

Starting at the Miyako Shimojishima Airport, cross the Irabu Ohashi and head to the public market in Miyakojima-city, the kitchen of the island.

The popular item in the market is Satapanbin, Okinawa-style doughnuts. We also recommend the smoothie made from miki, a traditional Okinawan rice-fermented drink. Now, it’s time to go on your adventure!


02.Kurimajima Ryugu Palace Observation Deck

Stay time:20 minutes

Travelling about 20 minutes south, your adventure starts in Kurimajima.

You can see the ocean very close from the top of 1,690 m Kurima Bridge, and enjoy the colors of the ocean which may be different than you expect. From the Ryugu Palace Observation Deck, you can overlook a magnificent view of Maehama Beach, the most beautiful beach in the East. With its transparent beauty, Maehama Beach fully represents the blue ocean of Miyako. Ryugu Palace Observation Deck is the only place where you can see a full view of the arching Maehama beach, the shining white sand beach stretches roughly 7 kilometers along the shores of Miyakojima.



Stay time:20 minutes

“Ga” means a well or about location for springs water.

Kurima-ga, located next to Kurima Fishing Port, supported the lives of the local people until water from Miyakojima’s began to be supplied in 1975. A mysterious legend surrounds the ga. One day, water stopped coming from the ga after an oak tree beside was cut down. The local people were at a loss and sought advice from, a female shaman. She said the water stopped because the sacred oak tree had been removed, so they put the oak tree back where it had been, and the water began to spring from the earth again. The oak tree was a sacred tree and protected the spring.



Stay time:30 minutes

Mui-ga is water that springs from the raised coral reef cliff. Springing from the stone roughly 30 meters below the top of the cliff, in the past it was used as source of water for the people.

They collected the heavy water and climbed up the 30-meter cliff. Water cannot be spared in people’s lives. Feel how important water is to the island, and revel in the magnificent deep-blue view. Understand the thankfulness the people felt for the water from Mui-ga and how hard it must have been to carry it. This is an excellent puzzle piece for building an understanding of the culture of Miyakojima.


05.Bora-ga Beach Park

Stay time:1.5~6 hours

After arriving at Bora-ga Beach Park, change into a wet suit and set out on an adventure into a mysterious underwater cave.

The cave can be entered only with a certified guide during certain tide and wave conditions. Over eons, the gigantic cave was formed into the mysterious sight it is today. The cave enshrines a ryugu deity, so approaching the experience with a sense of its sacredness is a must. If there is still time in the day, travel to a hidden beach, only accessible by kayak, and enjoy snorkeling and a picnic.

Bora-ga Beach Park

For more details ,please visit the website.


06.Higashi Hennazaki

Stay time:30 minutes

Higashi Hennazaki is connected to the sad story of Mamuya, a woman of great beauty.

She was renowned for her beauty all over the island, attracting the interest of the island’s men, eventually falling victim to a bitter romance. According to the tale, she threw herself off the cape of Higashi Hennazaki. This is a too sad of a story to associate with the beautiful seas off Higashi Hennazaki. Easter lilies bloom in the spring, adding a cheerful energy to the cape.


Goal.Shimojishima Airport

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