Experience the Local Lifestyle (I)

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  • 23.2km
  • 6.5hours

01.Village of Irabu

Stay time:2 hours

This tour features the lives of the local people and allows you to learn and experience the islanders’ lifestyle in depth.

Let’s spend time as you are a resident of Irabu. In the Zuzuparunkai (in the Irabujima dialect meaning “let’s go to the farm ” ) Tour, a local guide takes you to the village and the utaki(sacred site). After that, you go to pick wild grass and herbs and enjoy local cuisine such as tempura, you feel closer to the islanders’ lifestyle, Interacting with local people and visiting sites on your own will allow you to experience something different about Irabujima.


02.Makiyama Observation Deck

Stay time:20 minutes

The white Makiyama Observation Deck is inspired by the migratory, grey-faced buzzard.

The deck is near Irabu Bridge which is the highest point on the island. The view from there is magnificent! You can also overlook Irabujima with the nice fresh breeze.


03.Yaagama Kuugama

Stay time:1.5 hours

On the Yaagama Kuugama (an Irabujima phrase meaning “stopping by different houses, strolling around town”) Tour.

You will, as the name says, stroll around the labyrinth-like alleys of Sarahama with a local guide and listen to the history of the town and the islanders’ lives. Take this chance to visit elders at their home to chat over a cup of tea and listen up-close to the unique dialect of Irabujima.


Please apply for the guided Yaagama Kuugama Tour in advance.
To apply, please email to Hitotokisampo tour.




04.Sawada no Hama

Stay time:2 hours

Sawada no Hama was selected as one of the 100 best beaches in Japan in 1996.

The shallow shore retreat far out at low spring tide. The sight of the gigantic rocks dotting the landscape will make you feel like you’ve wandered onto another planet. This is the starting point for Mr. Kanizo’s sabani cruises. Sabani is a traditional long paddling boat. There is also Sabani with a sail, it works just like a sail boat using the wind to move on the sea surface. Take this chance to experience tours such as the sunset cruise tour where you can experience the dynamic of the sea.

Sabani Cruise

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Goal.Shimojishima Airport

  • Shimojishima Airport

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