Eco-friendly Cycling around Shimojishima Airport to 17END

Head for 17END, a destination with a magnificent, quintessential view of Shimojishima. Relax and cycle the approximately 16-kilometer route, while stopping to enjoy local places of interest, special lunch items only available on the island, and sweets.

  • 16.4km
  • 3hours

01.Miyako Shimojishima Airport Terminal

Introducing a tour with “Shimasora Bicycle Rental", the cute and light bicycle that you can rent at the Shimojishima Airport.

Get refreshed and ready for the long ride at Grab&Go, a café inside of the Shimojishima Airport terminal featuring items using the specialties of Miyakojima. The terminal still looks brand new and has a design of a resort atmosphere. The moment you arrive there, you will definitely feel excited.



Stay time:20 minutes

Renting Shimasora bicycle at the Shimojishima Airport and heading for 17END.

17END is getting more famous in social media. The shallow shore is endlessly transparent and has bright blue color. The beach appears only at low tide, and when the tide rises, the color of water becomes dark blue. The sea looks very different depending on the time of the day.



Stay time:20 minutes

Tori-ike, a popular destination for divers, is two similar-sized round pools next to each other which are connected at the bottom.

One of the two ponds that is next to the sea is connected to the ocean. When diving from the sea, the color of the water changes as you pass through the layer at which the seawater and fresh water mix. You see different color of water,and it is amazing beautiful. Since there are some myths about Tori-ike, we recommend you to learn about them before visiting. Then, you may be going to understand its mysteriousness. Nearby Tori-ike, there is a restroom and a vending machine, so visitors can stop for a rest.



Stay time:20 minutes

Obiiwa is a rock that was pushed ashore by the great tsunami of 1771 during the Meiwa era.

It was the world heaviest rock reported until 2010. Obiiwa is located near Tori-ike. You have to go through the grassy narrow path to get there. There is a sign so don’t miss it! Obiiwa is a place for local beliefs. People come to pray at the sacred rock for a luck when fishing, and safety of marine navigation and families.


05.35END - Shimojishima Sugar Road

After leaving Obiiwa, ride along the sea around the southern end of Shimojishima Airport, and take Shimojishima Sugar Road toward the intersection where you’ll find a Miyakojima Mamorukun (a doll that looks like a policeman).

Sugar Road is literally a road through a sugarcane field. As you go through the road, you will feel the “zawawa”, the sound of sugar cane in the wind. Miyakojima Mamorukun are usually stationed at sites where are more dangerous. He is the island’s hero, watching over the islanders safety every day, no matter how bad the weather is.


06.Toguchi no Hama

Stay time:20 minutes

Toguchi no Hama is a slightly arched white sand beach.

When people think of a beautiful beach in Irabujima, they immediately think of Toguchi no Hama. The color of the shore is beautiful, but most of all, the island is proud of Toguchi no Hama’s fluffy and beautiful white sand. This is one of the most beautiful sights of the Miyako Islands. We definitely recommend you to feel the fluffy, smooth sand with your bare feet. There is a restroom and a vending machine at Toguchi no Hama, so you can rest and be recharged before continuing on your tour.


07.Cruising the Village of Irabu

Stay time:20 minutes

After enjoying the magnificent views of Irabujima, you can cycle around some of the villages!

The first destination is called Irabu Village. The gigantic banyan tree in front of the police box is a must-see. According to a traditional Okinawan tale, a fairy called Kijimuna inhabit old banyan trees. While cycling, if you notice a child hopping around, you may be seeing a Kijimuna. The banyan tree is a sacred place for the community. Do not enter the prohibited area.


08.Cruising the Village of Kuninaka

Stay time:20 minutes

Kuninaka Village is a community for local people . There are old style shops, a post office and a taxi company.

New shops have opened in recent years, adding to the energy to the town. If you get hungry, stop by the shop that catches your attention.


Goal.Shimojishima Airport

Welcome back to Shimojishima Airport! How was the three hours cycling tour?

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