宮古島Style [ presented by Miyakojima City ]

宮古島Style [ presented by Miyakojima City ]

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Receive the energy of nature with your body filled,
this island is a whole vortex itself.

There are many "Utaki(a sacred place)s, the people taking care of them for a long time.There are also mysterious "Gah(a well)"s here. However, not just because these,when you go around this island,blue in the sea and sky, and soft air in green gently make you relax.

  • Power spot in Miyakojima
  • Power spot in Miyakojima

An island made by gods.

"Utaki-Yuraiki" which gathered a legend in Miyako-Jima, says like this. Long ago, it is said that "Amanoteda(a god who controls the universe)broke the pieces of "Amanoiwatobashira(poles of a cave made of rocks)", and gave these to "Yagumino- kami(a god named Yagumi)". Then, Amanoteda ordered "Create an island where blows pleasant winds." Yagumino-kami threw these poles from "Amano-yunozuhazu(a bridge in gods' world)to the ocean and the poles gathered after all. That is the beginning of Miyako-Jima now.

It is said about 900 Utakis has existed in a group of islands in Miyako. "Harimizu-Utaki" which is close to Hirara port, is also one of these, and is the Utaki based on a creation myth of Miyako-Jima. Even though times have changed a lot, people in Miyako still respect nature and gods now.

  • Power spot in Miyakojima
  • Power spot in Miyakojima
  • Power spot in Miyakojima

The mysterious "Gah", the well people taking a good care of water.

There are some places where rain water becomes groundwater, and springs out. These places are what we call "Gah" means well, and used as precious domestic water for inhabitants. "Yamato-Gah" has plentiful amount of water and "Muika-Gah" is the biggest in Gahs in Miyako. "Kurima-Gah" is as only a water source for people in Kurima and helps them. Every Gah produces a solemn atmosphere by the feeling of people taking care of preciously for a long time and nature.

Power spot in Miyakojima

Majestic and dynamic scenery in Miyako-Jima.

Because Miyako-Jima is the island where people respect nature and live, we can say to be able to feel the energy filled our body strangely. The scenery here also even to feel amazement. "Yoshino-Kaigan(the Yoshino Coast)" has a large-scale "Inoh(reef lagoon)" and is said to be the best in kinds and numbers in tropical fish. The panoramic view from here should be exactly said the surface of the earth. Driving on a car along "Nanamata-Kaigan(Nanamata Coast)", about 30 meters high upheaval coral reef welcomes us. This is an overwhelmingly beautiful as if feeling like we're being drawn into this Utaki.

  • Power spot in Miyakojima
  • Power spot in Miyakojima

Then, satisfied our mind.

Finding a huge grassy plain, we rushed there unconsciously. Most of the areas we see far apart, is "Ohgami-Jima" as holy grounds. As getting dark, the bright blue changed darker, and the beautiful gradations of the sky and the sea wrap the shade of the island.

Just being here and watching this scene, be able to feel our heart is healed.The long history that people in Miyako-Jima bonding their lives with nature preciously, might make this island full gentleness place which heals people. Every time meeting scenes in this island, their calmness make our mind filled.

Utakis and Gahs are very precious places for people in Miyako-Jima.In some of these,
there are places which people who conducts Shinto rites, or the time of events, are only available to come inside.
Follow the rules and not to spoil the local people's lives, please.


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